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We started our big motorcycle trip, search for Shangri-La from Finland in fall 2012. We rode through Eastern European autumn to sunny Greece, passed Anatolian hights before winter cought us in the Iranian mountains. We met hospitable people, great adventurers and paranoia when when we travelled in unstable frontier land to Pakistan.

  After hard and frustrating paper work we ended up to small Diu island south of Gujarat in India. Couple of weeks of sunshine, empty beaches and relatively tranquil atmsphere was enough and we continued our journey back to real India. There we faced hot tarmac, dust, chaotic driving – and giardia. But also Asiatic lions, colourful celebrations, great food, ancient cities and beautiful monuments.

 Then we headed to Nepal, met the Himalayas and when snow melted enough in those mighty mountains spring we rode the Karakorum Highway from Pakistan to China. We saw the new born foals running for the first time in the mountains of Kyrgyztan and poppy flowers blossoming on the vast Kazakh steppe.

 After some eight and half months and 28 500 kilometers we returned from Russia to Finland and home.

 You can find some pictures, our route and the blog (which is unfortunately in Finnish only) on these pages.


Minna & Rami

Gujaratin kielinen lehtileike

Our story in Gujarati